Who we are

One Big Family

We're glad you are here. You'll find at the SICC, Everybody's Welcome, Nobody's Perfect, and Anything's Possible. We are a group of imperfect people trying to live life in the way we were created to live it - full of joy, fun, and friendships. At SICC, we want to make it simple for people to connect to God and each other. We make a big deal about family, community, Jesus, and His Bible. We are not slick, don't have it all figured out, and realize we aren't capable of fixing ourselves. AND we believe our church would be better if YOU were a part of it!

SICC has a core membership of around thirty, which is supplemented by an ever changing flow of tourists, students and others who are here for a short time. The numbers have at times been up to a hundred at special services. We are multi-cultural and multi denominational with members from many countries and a strong African community.

Worship is held at 11 am every Sunday in the sanctuary of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church at 17 Franz-Joseph-Strasse. Our services include singing, a message geared toward applying the Bible to your day to day life, and we celebrate communion each Sunday. After the worship service we hope that you hang around a bit and join us for coffee and fellowship.

On Saturday evenings the 'The Mountain of Mercy' prayer meeting is held at 7 pm in the downstairs lounge.

Throughout the year we also have special occasion meals and gatherings including a special Thanksgiving celebration.

Thank you for joining. We are excited that you are here!